E&M Foods, LLC
Passover Prepared Foods 2019

Vegetarian Chopped Liver 7.98 lb
Beef Chopped Liver 8.98 lb
Roasted & Sliced Brisket 21.98 lb
Roasted & Sliced Turkey London Broil 16.98 lb
(Available in traditionally seasoned, herb & garlic or honey Dijon marinade)
15 lb Roasted & Carved Turkey (Weight is before cooking) 55.00 Ea
The following items will be frozen and will need to be thawed before heating.
Vegetable Kishke (made with natural beef casings) 7.98 lb
Pre cut Vegetable Kishke (made with natural beef casings) 8.49 lb
Chicken Broth (available in 1 or 2 quart containers) 5.75 qt
Matzo Balls (8 per bag) 8.98 bag
Stuffed Chicken Breasts (uncooked and available in Kishke or Vegetable) 7.49 ea
Sweet Apple Matzo Kugel ( 2lb or 5lb trays) 7.98 lb
Potato Kugel (2lb or 5 lb trays) 7.49 lb
Sweet & Sour Meatballs ( 2lb trays, 8-10 Meatballs per tray) 7.98 lb
Apple Charoset with Walnuts 8.98 pint


To place an order please call:
Gayle (cell) 847-609-8651
Eddie (cell) 847-736-4447
Please leave a message if there’s no answer.
Pick up by appointment at:
Bella Ru Catering 1480 Old Deerfield Road, Highland Park, Il