We offer corporate catering and social catering.  Daily and weekly specials in our deli as well as butcher specialties.


Cold Buffet Food Ideas

Assorted Sandwich Tray
5.75 PP – Your choice of sandwiches cut in half and arranged on a platter.

Beef Tenderloin
150.00 ea – Roasted, sliced, garnished and served with a horseradish sauce.

Box Lunches
12.95 PP – Includes a sandwich, chips, fruit, dessert and pop.

Breakfast Tray
5.75 PP – Miniature muffins, danish, bagels or croissants, butter, cream cheese and fresh fruit.

Chopped Liver Tray
2.50 pp Veggie or beef, cocktail rye or flat bread & pickles.

Coffee Service
2.75 PP – Regular or decaf, sugar, Half & Half, cups, stirrers.

Deli Meat & Cheese Tray
11.95 PP – Includes your choice of: 4 meats, 2 Salads, rye bread, rolls, pickles and condiments.

Dessert Tray
3.75 PP – Choice of cookies, brownies, cake slices, rugelah, mondel bread, or cheesecake plattered.

Fresh Fruit Tray
2.75 PP – Fresh fruits of the Season arranged beautifully on a tray.

North Atlantic Salmon 7 to 9 lbs
14.95 LB – Poached over a court bouillon and decorated. Includes cucumber dill sauce.

Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches
5.50 ea – Roasted and sliced filet mignon atop an egg bun with leaf lettuce and horseradish sauce.

Turkey London Broil Platter
5.75 PP Roasted & sliced, includes sauce, choose from several marinades.

Veggie Tray
2.25 PP – Fresh vegetables served with homemade creamy dip.