We offer corporate catering and social catering.  Daily and weekly specials in our deli as well as butcher specialties.



Choice Skirt Steaks   Whole Briskets
Choice New York Strip Steaks   Standing Rib Roasts
Choice Ribeye Steaks   Ribeye Roasts
Choice Poterhouse Steaks   Eye of the Round Roasts
Choice Filet Mignon Steaks   Rump Roasts
Choice Flank Steaks   Beef Tenderloin Roasts
Prime New York Strip Steaks   Pepper Steak Meat
Choice Top Sirloin Steaks   Beef Stew Meat
Prime Porterhouse Steaks   Shishkabob Meat
Tri Tip London Broils   Short Ribs Beef
Supreme Sirloin Roasts   Beef Back Ribs
Top Sirloin Roasts   Ground Sirloin
California Pot Roasts   Ground Chuck
1st Cut Briskets   Sirloin Pub Burgers


Boneless Chicken Breasts   Chicken Legs
Bone In Chicken Breasts   Chicken Drumsticks
Cut Up Fryers   Chicken Thighs
Whole Fryers   Chicken for Stir Fry
Chicken Wings   Cornish Hens

Frozen Meats

Prepared Beef Wellingtons   Seasoned Turkey Patties
Prepared Chicken Wellingtons   Skirt Steaks
Wild Rice Stuffed Chicken Breast   Assorted Chicken Kievs


Rib Lamb Chops   Lamb Shanks
Loin Lamb Chops   Lamb Patties
Shoulder Lamb Chops   Lamb London Broil


Thick Pork Chops   Baby Back Ribs
Thin Pork Chops   Sliced Slab Bacon
Butterfly Pork Chops   Sliced Regular Bacon
Smokehouse Pork Chops   Ham Steaks
Rolled Boneless Pork Roast   Smoked Butts
Bone In Rib Pork Roast   Ham Shanks

Specialty Meats

Pork Crown Roasts   Bratwurst
Lamb Crown Roasts   Cajun Sausage
Preseasoned Roasts   Veal Bratwurst
Marinated Turkey London Broils Sliced and Glazed Hams
Chicken Shishkabobs   Turkey Italian Sausage
Beef Shishkabobs   Turkey Bratwurst
Lamb Shishkabobs   Andoullie Sausage
Skirt Steak Shishkabobs   Smoked Polish Sausage
Pre Breaded Veal Cutlets   Best Kosher Hot Dogs
Stuffed Pork Chops   Vienna Hot Dogs
Italian Sausage   Natural Casing Hot Dogs


Fresh Turkeys   Turkey Drumsticks
Fresh Turkey Breasts   Turkey Wings
Turkey Thighs   Ground Turkey Breast


Rib Veal Chops   Veal Breasts with Pocket
Loin Veal Chops   Calf Liver
Veal Shanks for Osso Buco   Veal Skirt Steaks
Veal Leg Steak   Veal Stew Meat
Veal Brisket   Ground Veal Patties
Veal Briskets   Veal Back Ribs